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Quote Of The Week

It’s not how much you earn, But how much you save.


Quote Of The Week

I was born poor, but poor was not born in me. And it shouldn’t be born in you either. You can make it.

Whatever you may wish to do with your future, you can make it.

It gets dark sometimes, but morning comes always.

– Manuel V. Pangilinan


Quote Of The Week

Challenges breed Character, Character breeds Faith.

In the end, Faith does not disappoint. You must not didappoint.

– Manuel V. Pangilinan


[FUN] Invest in Equities like a Sir!

Procure securities from our local bourse, like a sir!


[TIP] Use GTC and ATC options

Always checking the stock price to go low?

Use GTC (Good-Till-Cancelled) and ATC (At-The-Close) option to order automatically once the stock price hits your target.