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What Is Your Dream For The Philippines After Your Experience Abroad?

Magandang araw kabayan! May paanyaya ang ating mga kaibigan sa 365 Travel Dates na i-voice out nating mga OFWs (at mga mahilig mag-travel) ang mga magagandang bagay na nakita at naranasan natin sa ibang bansa na ating pangarap rin na mangyari sa Pilipinas. Gusto nyo rin ba mag-share

Narito ang mga sinabi ng ating ilang kaibigan:

The Philippine Dream: The Voices of its Travelling Ambassadors

At heto naman ang ni-share nang ating kabayan na si Jon: ____________________________________


What is your dream for the Philippines after your experience abroad?

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia


I worked in the Philippines for almost 4 years as a software developer before moving to Singapore last 2011. Then, with God’s guidance and provision, I was able to migrate here in Sydney, Australia three years after.

There are a lot of things I saw overseas that I dream to have for our country: such as the diversified & mature financial sector of Singapore; the decent minimum wage, free public education and healthcare of Australia and of course, the world’s fastest broadband internet connection of South Korea!

Life abroad is both challenging and fulfilling. Same as with my fellow OFWs, I had also bid sad farewell to my family & friends; heard racial slurs at my workplace simply due to my nationality; had anxiety attacks about my work visa not being renewed and survived home sickness every now and then. Though life is tough, our hard work and sacrifices were well remunerated, enabling our families to have a better life back home.

Aside from our remittances, I truly believe that our nation will grow and prosper if we continue to work hand in hand to attain progress and to abscond away from our imprudent mentality. Our bullish local bourse, including the recent credit rating upgrades from Moody’s and S&P, reflect the improving economic state of our country. Though we still have a long way to go, these small victories will enable us to go further beyond.

In addition, we Filipinos, should also change our wrong ways too. Let’s refrain from the lavish parties and squanderous shopping without considering our budget. Instead, live a frugal life and start to save 50% to as much as 70% of our income and then invest it wisely. Personally, I’ve seen highly paid professionals earning over P100,000 per month yet still end up broke because of unbridled consumerism.

Just as what George Clason wrote long ago:

“Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.”

Yes, it may take us a lot of years, to achieve this dream of prosperity but just as the war-torn Japan in the 1940s regained back its economic strength in just a few decades, so can we!

Let’s continue to synergize our efforts and build our nation’s firm foundation through hard work and perseverance. Kindly reprimand other’s mistakes, instead of talking about it to death, and then focus on the optimal solution to our looming problems. Sounds like a better plan right?

Like a modern ‘bayanihan’, we can all unite to make our beloved country be the greener pasture we all long for.


– Jon Bonso




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Halina’t mag-bayanihan tayo tungo sa kaunlaran!

Financial Review for Education


Here’s my story of doing my first ever Financial Review for my Education…

I graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology (Makati branch) on Aug 2007. But actually, my family can’t really afford to pay my tuition fee back then.

It all started when I was about to finish highschool and was scouting for colleges/universities to apply. My parents had said to me that they have no means of admitting me to a university with a hefty tuition fee.

They mentioned before that they bought an Educational plan but because times had changed, as well as the school fees of the Universities, they thought that the pre-need plan they bought was useless.

I did first ever due diligence and read the entire Educational Plan contract and suprisingly, I saw Mapua on the list of our Educational Plan. After that, I took the entrance exam; told my parents about it and the rest is history.

This is just a reminder that soon, we will have to shoulder the heavy price of education. Unless our little ones are exceptionally intelligent and was provided with scholarship

“Noel”: A Touching Jollibee Commercial

31 Days nalang at pasko na mga tropa!

At karamihan sa mga kababayan nating OFWs ay nagsisipaghanda nang bumili ng pasalubong at umuwi na sa Pinas para makasama ang kani-kanilang pamilya.

May iilan rin na hindi makakauwi dahil sa tungkulin nila sa trabaho o ‘di naman kaya’y nag-pasyang tipirin ang perang pang-bakasyon para pandagdag sa matrikula ni junior.

Kung isa kang OFW o may mahal sa buhay na nangingibang bansa eh makaka-relate ka sa hirap at lungkot na mawalay sa pamilya, para masuportahan ang pangangailangan sa buhay. Dahil sa hirap ng buhay sa Pinas, naglalakas loob nalang ang iba na makipagsapalaran abroad upang makamit ang inaasam-asam na ginhawa.

Syempre, pag-uwi rito sa atin, hindi maaaring hindi dumaan sa Jollibee (JFC) kasama ng buong pamilya! Tulad nang nakaka-touch na Jollibee commercial na ‘to: