YOUR SKILLS = $ _____ per month

20131222-214701.jpgFill out this blank:

MY SKILLS = $ _______ per month

Here’s a cool way to know how much your skills REALLY worth…

Submit your resume online on major Job Portals in US, Australia, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Bermuda, Europe et cetera, afterwards, when they asked you how much is your asking price, throw the question back to them and ask how much they are willing to pay your skills and services.

Alternatively, you can simply research the pay scale of your industry or just ask your friends who are working abroad about the ‘range’ of their earnings. Again, just ask for the ‘range’ as they won’t spill their numbers that easily.

Never ever settle for anything less, while other people exploit the harvest that you had diligently worked for and toiled laboriously for years. Life is unfair so always keep your eyes open to see that you’re not being left behind.

You indeed, reap what you sow, thus at the end of the day, ensure that you got all the fruits of your labour.

Do it now or brace the anguish of regret tomorrow.

Anong say mo?

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