Financial Review for Education


Here’s my story of doing my first ever Financial Review for my Education…

I graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology (Makati branch) on Aug 2007. But actually, my family can’t really afford to pay my tuition fee back then.

It all started when I was about to finish highschool and was scouting for colleges/universities to apply. My parents had said to me that they have no means of admitting me to a university with a hefty tuition fee.

They mentioned before that they bought an Educational plan but because times had changed, as well as the school fees of the Universities, they thought that the pre-need plan they bought was useless.

I did first ever due diligence and read the entire Educational Plan contract and suprisingly, I saw Mapua on the list of our Educational Plan. After that, I took the entrance exam; told my parents about it and the rest is history.

This is just a reminder that soon, we will have to shoulder the heavy price of education. Unless our little ones are exceptionally intelligent and was provided with scholarship

Anong say mo?

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